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TUPE Top Tips #2: The Risk of Getting it Wrong

Much like going for a run, the hardest part of a TUPE is taking the first step. If you’ve followed our first set of #TUPETopTips, then you will have: sought to understand the business change gathered as much information as you can started to identify and engage your stakeholders Chances are, the worry will have [...]

Top Tips for Getting Started on a TUPE Project

In my last blog, The Best Career Advice I Was Ever Given, I revealed that I was going to launch a series of guides to help people and organisations managing a TUPE process. Organisations rarely have dedicated TUPE Managers - and they may only have a TUPE once every few years - so it’s a [...]

The best career advice I was ever given, and how it led me to discover the fascinating world of TUPE

“You need to move to Glasgow to run a Job Centre. All of the staff are currently on strike due to poor working conditions.” That was the bombshell I dropped on one of my team members a few years ago. It was a situation that called to mind the best career advice I have ever [...]

A Remote Worker’s Guide to Running a Successful Ideation Workshop Online

How do you run a successful ideation workshop when all the participants are working remotely? Jon Sykes shares his experience and advice.

Innovation in Times of Crisis: Inspiring Examples of How Tech is Responding to COVID-19

In the midst of the widespread fear and uncertainty that the Coronavirus outbreak has caused, something amazing is happening. Around the world, and across the public and private sectors, individuals and organisations are working together to design technology solutions to slow the spread, alleviate suffering and provide support to those in need. In times of [...]

Diversity Report: A snapshot of our team in 2020

When I joined Velocitii in early January, one of the things I was surprised and excited to discover is the diversity of thought and background that already exists in our team. This hasn’t come about through ‘diversity-for-the-sake-of-diversity’, but because we believe there’s a richness and creativity of thought that comes from having a team of […]

Hello from Velocitii’s new Director of People

Our new Director of People, Clare Blain, shares a quick introduction to her new role, her plans for 2020 and what keeps her ticking outside of work!

Growing, Disrupting, Innovating: Looking Back at Velocitii’s First Year

Looking back on 2019 and reflecting on how far Velocitii Digital has come, I realise what an amazing rollercoaster ride it’s been. As well as plenty of learning, growing and (thankfully) succeeding, there’s been a fair few mistakes made along the way - but as we like to say in Tech, failure helps us to [...]

Lessons Learned From a Different Kind of Exit Programme

While Britain has been going through a period of great turmoil and uncertainty as it prepares to leave the EU, Velocitii has been quietly working on a different kind of exit. In early October we wrapped up our first major project as a company, supporting the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) in […]

How Government is Using Big Data for Positive Change

Data has so much potential to bring about change but, like anything with enormous power, it is open to abuse. However working within and around government, we regularly see the other side of the story: data being used for the good of the people.

An agile approach to a career in the public sector

Agile methodology has had a huge impact on how we work in the public sector, but it’s also had a big impact on me personally. In this blog I want to share what I’ve learned from agile throughout my career.

The Disaggregation of the Workplace: How Flexible Working is Transforming the Way We Work

The standard 9-5, five days a week, is no longer fit for purpose. We explore how flexible working has the potential to disrupt the modern workplace, leading to benefits for employees, employers and clients alike.

The Velocitii Digital Story

One of the major benefits of the disaggregation of government IT contracts has been creating opportunities for innovative and dynamic SMEs to grow and thrive. Companies that know that to compete with the big boys, you need to do one thing, and do it really well.