Cyber security and resilience is an essential requirement for any public sector organisation.

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The data, systems and business processes that an organisation holds - which often include financial and personnel data, and sometimes the personal data of the public - is both a valuable asset and a potential risk.

Velocitii builds discreet and expert teams to help our clients to assess and test their current legacy systems, security coverage, capability, awareness and processes, and to recommend areas for improvement. Often, we can identify and implement quick-fix solutions early on that can achieve significant improvements.

Cyber security is often underestimated, but the financial, legal, operational and reputational implications are significant. By developing a risk-weighted solution, at a cost that reflects the value and importance of that data to the business, we make sure that our clients are both protected and resilient in any cyber situation.

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Reducing risk and optimising spend to deliver sustainable cyber security and resilience in local government

In 2020 the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Local Digital Collaboration Unit (LDCU) investigated how they might support local authorities across the UK to reduce the incidence and impact of cyber attacks, and support sustainable cyber health.

Velocitii engaged a specialist team, including a Delivery Manager, Security Architect, Content Designer and two User Researchers, to work alongside LDCU’s Service Designer on an eight-week discovery phase. The discovery was built on previous pre-discovery work that was also led by Velocitii.

Through collaboration with government departments responsible for delivering cyber security programmes, the team conducted 37 virtual user research interviews across different local authorities, and held workshops with key industry experts to explore ideas and solutions.

The team analysed the impacts of previous cyber attacks using case studies and data, and created a detailed proposal for technical remediation activity for selected “at risk” councils highlighted in a ransomware survey.

The result

Five areas of opportunity were identified to progress into an alpha phase, including a framework of cyber security standards and guidance, and technical remediation and support. To find out more about the project and its outcomes, read this blog post from LDCU.

Funding was secured for the continuation of this work into alpha, and Velocitii continues to be involved in delivering this in 2021.

An infographic from the report which shows the breakdown of user researcher participants that were interviewed as part of the cyber discovery.
An infographic from the report showing the breakdown of user researcher participants

“People see everyday work as more important, but don’t realise that cyber is part of everyday work."

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