Driving Change Through Digital, Data and Technology

Velocitii Digital delivers specialist teams that support government departments to deliver better, more efficient and value-for-money services through digital transformation.

Digital, Data and Technology Solutions for the Public Sector

Velocitii Digital creates multi-disciplinary teams that use the latest innovative thinking and technology to deliver solutions to complex challenges across the public sector.

It’s our mission to help government departments to meet and exceed their goals of achieving better value for money, improved services and β€˜Digital by Default’.

We’re proud to be a trusted technology partner of the UK Government and a qualified supplier on the digital and technology frameworks of G-Cloud 11 and DOS (Digital Outcomes and Specialists).

Velocitii is a qualified supplier on the digital and technology frameworks of G-Cloud 11 and DOS (Digital Outcomes and Specialists).

How Velocitii supports the public sector

We gain a deep understanding of departmental goals and constraints

We deploy commercial and technology experts

We work in true partnership with our clients

We focus 100% on finding solutions and getting results

We prioritise learning, development and up-skilling during every project

What We Do

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Our Unique Approach

We take a pragmatic, people-centric approach to every project. By leveraging our own knowledge and that of our network of experts, we solve complex challenges and deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Better Teams, Not Larger Teams

Our teams are carefully, hand-selected from the most talented individuals with not just the right experience, but the right personality and skills to successfully complete the task.

Right Resources, Right Time

We work hard to keep projects on-budget and on-schedule through the careful delivery of the right resources at the right time – and only for as long as required.

Great People, Great Results

We believe great people make great things happen. Our focus on attracting and nurturing the most talented individuals in a creative, supporting and challenging environment means great results every time.

Agile Delivery

Our approach adopts the dynamic delivery of Agile and combines it with the experience of Waterfall: taking a collaborative approach, focusing on delivering at pace, being flexible to outside challenges and continuous learning.

Client Collaboration

We believe that taking a true partnership approach with open and honest communication between our teams and our clients is vital to a successful project.

Sustainable Solutions

We provide upskilling, training and development to civil service teams to equip them with the skills they need to take projects forward, even after the assignment is complete.

Discover what our unique approach can do for your next project.

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Let's Work Together

Collaboration, expertise and innovative thinking that gets results

Your project needs a unique combination of strong project management, creative minds and technical expertise. We can deliver that for you.

We put people at the heart of everything we do, starting with you, the client. We take the time to understand who you are and what you want to achieve, and then build an expert team that best fits your needs.

Β By attracting the most talented individuals and matching them with the right project, we pave the way for success.

We regularly work in tandem with other companies and organisations on specialist projects where our shared expertise can realise true benefits for the client.