Our internal creative think-tank, innovation lab and incubator fund.

Velocitii Innovation is where we explore new and emerging technology, finding solutions to everyday problems and ‘old ways of doing things’.

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About Velocitii Innovation

Velocitii Innovation is an environment that fosters free-thinking, idea generation and creative design by harnessing the talent of our own people, and through partnership with others.

The goal of Velocitii Innovation is to identify unique and alternative ideas, taking them from concept into a ‘thing’ that can then be developed further. We also explore ways to disrupt and improve inefficient, legacy business processes, using technology and digital as an enabler. We do this within a sandbox environment of strategy, design, user research, and prototype development.

Ultimately, we seek to develop unique products or services that create value and improve people’s lives.

Introducing Byke Parking

Velocitii Innovation recently launched our first digital product, the Byke Parking smartphone app - a free parking app that enables scooter and motorbike riders to locate legal and secure parking bays in London.

Find secure motorbike, moped and scooter parking bays in London with Byke Parking

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