We believe our greatest value comes during the early stages of a project, as you begin to build a vision of how your service will look post-transformation.

As a small, agile team of specialists, we have considerable expertise in helping to get the foundations right, before the expensive and lengthy phase of development begins.

Solid foundations and iterative design reduces risk, saves money, and supports the successful and timely delivery of any transformation project.

Our Process

The steps involved in an agile project: pre-discovery, discovery, ideation, alpha, private beta, public beta, and Live.

We consider transformation across multiple phases of agile delivery.

Recognising that the greatest value to a change and transformation programme is achieved up-front, Velocitii specialises in the early stages of Pre-Discovery, Discovery, Ideation / Design Thinking and Alpha.

During these stages, we help clients to fully explore and understand their problems and the opportunity for change. Then, we work together to create rich, user-centred, innovative solutions.

Next, we test those solutions with users and stakeholders before building a delivery roadmap that will structure the journey from early release of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to a fully realised, fully featured solution.

We will then work with you to navigate and manage the challenges of delivering true transformation.

Pre-discovery phase


Pre-Discovery is a useful starting point for our clients, providing the opportunity to explore where the business currently stands and what a transformation project could look like. During a Pre-Discovery, we seek to:

  • Interview key team members and stakeholders to capture the current ‘As-Is’ journey, the opportunities for transformation, and the likely challenges ahead
  • Create an ‘As-is’ journey map to capture the current project development lifecycle and the opportunities for transformation
  • Identify research questions for Discovery
  • Define the overall strategic approach and a roadmap for delivery covering Discovery, Ideation and Alpha
Discovery phase


Discovery is focused on developing a collective understanding of the opportunities and the landscape. This means that together we can develop the most impactful solutions, in order to:

  • better understand who the users are and their needs
  • better understand stakeholders and their expectations
  • better understand the problem or issue being solved
  • identify opportunities to deliver the greatest impact for the lowest cost
Ideation phase

Ideation and Design Thinking

Having a clear idea of the destination is particularly important.

At Velocitii, we spend a significant amount of time generating ideas and forming the overall vision of where the transformation can take us. This helps us to realise the huge benefits your organisation can expect to achieve.

During this phase, we:

  • co-create solutions with users, subject matter experts, and innovators
  • develop propositions that provide real value to users and the business
  • create a vision of how the business might look after transformation is complete
Alpha phase


Alpha is where we test our design thinking and develop a delivery roadmap. We evaluate the vision and underlying design hypotheses with the people who will be impacted most.

During this phase, we:

  • prototype example designs and user interactions
  • evaluate design ideas with users and stakeholders
  • refine the vision to accommodate new learning
  • develop a delivery roadmap from early release of MVP to fully realised solution
  • shape the business strategy that you are trying to support

We believe our independence from the follow-on build stage gives us and our clients a greater focus on the right solution for the users.

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