A boutique digital consultancy known for quality in delivery.

Our projects help clients deliver innovative new technology-driven solutions to improve their services for users. We are innovative, disruptive and make a difference by delivering successful outcomes.

Velocitii has developed a reputation for quality delivery, and we are growing fast. We are looking for experienced consultants to help meet the needs of our clients in this fast-paced, complex, agile environment.

Velocitii value inclusivity and flexibility and ensure our team feel supported to be able to produce their best work for our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to make work really suit individuals. We believe that when our team members are happy with their work and life balance, their work will be outstanding.

At Velocitii, we strive to work with our people to find the unique blend of work and life that fits each individual.

We pride ourselves on recruiting the most talented individuals, but we know that past experience isn’t everything; personality matters too.

If any of the following statements sound familiar, you could be the perfect fit for our in-house team:

  • You’re capable, accountable and driven
  • You have diverse life experience
  • You enjoy working as part of a dynamic and collaborative environment
  • You’re flexible and open to new ways of working

Flexible Working Opportunities

As part of our commitment to employee happiness and retention, we’re dedicated to providing flexible and remote working practices.

We believe that being able to balance work with home life is the key to greater productivity and job satisfaction. That’s why a number of our team work from both the UK and abroad, or from home with flexible hours.

Why our team love working for Velocitii:


Remote working with Velocitii has enabled me to fulfill a lifelong dream of living abroad in Geneva by providing me with the consistency and security of employment whilst making this life change. I also really enjoy that I can focus on delivering my best work and developing relationships whilst not getting drawn into the day to day commitments of corporate life.”

Amy, Commercial Consultant


Velociti has answered my need to be a present and involved mother (to a 6 year old, 6 month old and 2 year old Labrador) AND also a valuable asset to my business. Providing a supportive community in which I do not waste time processing negative emotion then allows me to build positive thoughts, increasing my energy to deliver both at work and at home. It is inspiring!

Jo, Director of Strategy


“As a contractor I am a business, I work hard and deliver. However work is not the whole of me, I also have commitments to my family and as a mentor. Flexible working allows me to make the time and focus for all the important things in my life outside work. Most importantly I can be there for my family, and flexible working means I can still deliver quality work to my clients.”

Gillian, Technology Lead

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If you share our values, are proud of what you deliver and have experience in complex digital transformation, we would love to hear from you.

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